Python yield and iteration in depth

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Yield operator in Python

The problem

  • Generator creates lazy seq, but...
  • The syntax is difficult for long expressions
  • Extra variables problem

Two ways

  • Return generator from a function
  • Use yield operator in a function

What is yield

  • When yield inside a function, it returns generator
  • Function evaluates only when iteration starts
  • Yield returns a result as a generator element
  • Yield stops function until the next iteration
  • The function starts from the previous yield


def foo():
    yield el1
    yield el2

data = foo()
print data
>>> <generator object...

>>> [el1, el2]

Common rules

  • The number of elements is equal to number if yields
  • You can use yield with cycles
  • raise StopIteration() to break immediately
  • Other rules applied to generators are true
def foo():
    yield 42

data = foo()
# no exception

def get_ints(file_path):
    f = open(file_path, 'r')
    for line in f:
        yield int(line)

for n in get_ints('~/user_ids.txt'):
    print n

def fib(a=1, b=2, limit=100):
    for _ in xrange(limit):
        a, b = b, a + b
        yield b

>>> [3, 5, 8, ...]

def foo(limit=10):
   i = 0
   while True:
       yield i
       i += 1
       if i > limit:
           raise StopIteration()

How does iteration work in depth

  • Python never iterates the object itself
  • Python forces an object into a generator (if possible)
  • Iterate generator stands for calling method
  • (or next(gen) function in Py3)
  • Catch StopIteration error, stop if it occurred
iter([1, 2, 3])              <list iterator at 0x0000...
iter('foo bar baz')          <iterator object...
iter({1, 2, 3})              <setiterator at 0x000...

iter(obj) the same is obj.__iter__()

[1, 2, 3].__iter__()         <listiterator...

iter(1234567)                TypeError: 'int' object is not iterable

Why need iter

  • Implement own iteration rules for...
  • Databases, ORM
  • Structed data (CSV, XML)
  • Network resources

How does Python iterate a generator        1        2        3        StopIteration error

Why need manual iteration?

  • Perhaps you won't use it
  • It's just an interface
  • Some tricky situations
  • itertools library
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