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Just one way how you can learn at Hexlet

Just one way how you can learn at Hexlet главное изображение


I would like to tell you about my learning way at Hexlet. I use Hexlet for prepare at job interview and it is one of my learning goals.

My way has some steps:

  • Step 1. When I start new course I learn only theory and quiz into the course.
  • Step 2. After finished first step I repeat all lessons and do practical exercises in the lessons.
  • Step 3. When I finished second step I take challenges after all lessons. I am doing challenges and repeating theory, quiz, exercises lessons. I try to do review my code at exercises practices.

My circumstances took the first step. The fact is that I have limited time and do not always have the opportunity to work at my laptop. But I have opportunity to study use my phone. First step very convenient to do with phone. I always use phone for first step. For second step I bring my laptop.

Why do I decide to concentrate at repeating in my study program? I think that repeating has big value in understanding and remembering.

What do you think about my way? Do you have other ways in learning at Hexlet? Write about it in comments, please :)

Аватар пользователя Robert Kuznetsov
Robert Kuznetsov 21 сентября 2020
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